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Kaweka Hunting offers exceptional game preserve hunting in our natural deer habitat. Sika, Sambar, and Rusa are only available on the North Island of New Zealand. At Kaweka Hunting we are fortunate that Rob Holt has spent a number of years breeding exceptional herds in these three species plus Red Stag. As a result, the genetic quality amongst all herds is excellent, with our exotic herds widely considered to be superior.

The advantages of hunting our large private New Zealand game preserve are many. For example, our hunters do not have to spend hours in vehicles every day traveling to different areas to hunt a combination of South Pacific deer species, our elegant lodge is at your fingertips at all times and our location in Hawke’s Bay affords us an awesome climate and convenience for non-hunting companions.

When you choose to hunt on our Game Ranch, you are also choosing peace of mind. Your hunt can be as demanding as is appropriate for your fitness and ability, it can include any combination of species and your guides have a ‘lifeline’ to our lodge at all times. When you travel overseas to hunt, these assurances are priceless.

All trophies taken at our Game Ranch in our spectacular hunting area ranch make the record book

Bow Hunting

Test your archery skills in our Bow Hunting options!

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