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The Perfect Combination: Why Kaweka Hunting is the Best Place for a Multi-Species Hunt

Kaweka Hunting is the perfect place for a multi-species hunt, offering world-class Red Stag, Sika, Fallow, White Stag, Sambar, Elk and Rusa in a breathtaking setting. Hunters have the flexibility to hunt any combination of species on our spectacular property. Kaweka Hunting is firmly at the forefront of combination deer hunting in the South Pacific. The Kaweka ranch is set in the remote country, less than an hour away from the beautiful seaside city of Napier in the heart of Hawke’s Bay Wine Country.

Choose From a Variety of different Terrain & Animals

Kaweka Hunting is the perfect place for a multi-species hunt because it offers a variety of different terrain and game animals. Like many ranches in New Zealand, we at Kaweka pride ourselves in our excellent genetics in our Red Stag herd. Sika, Fallow, Sambar, Rusa, and Elk roam freely amongst the red stag on our beautiful property. Hunters, therefore, have the ability to hunt any combination of species without needing to travel. Because of this, serious hunters benefit from more time ‘in the field’ in our spacious environment.

Multi-Species Hunts at Kaweka
Sika Multi-Species Hunt

Our Experienced Team is here to help

The staff at Kaweka Hunting are experienced and passionate about hunting. They work hard to create a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience for their customers. With a mix of impressive leadership, experts in the field, and access to amazing resources, the team at Kaweka Ranch is second to none. If you’re looking for an unforgettable hunting experience in New Zealand, look no further than Kaweka Hunting.

Incredible & Affordable

Kaweka offers competitive rates, making it the best value for your money. Package deals cover trophy fees, hunter day rates, accommodation, meals, beverages, 1×1 guiding and airport transfers. You may add on exotic trophy hunts for additional fees. This makes Kaweka the ideal choice for those looking for a great value hunting experience.

Red Stag
Arapawa Ram

Book your Hunt today!

Kaweka Hunting is the perfect place for a multi-species hunt because of its unique location and variety of game. Our ranch is home to many different species of animals, so you’re sure to find the perfect trophy to take home. Book your hunt today and experience the best that Kaweka Hunting has to offer!

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