New Zealand Fallow


A hollow clatter reverberates around the steep gully walls as two fallow bucks battle for the love of a fallow doe. The guttural croak of the victor can be clearly heard from a mile away as the vanquished limps back to bed down.

The distinctive paddles will often give a Fallow buck away as he watches from a warm valley. Always alert, a Fallow buck will often spot the eager hunter from high on an open ridge.

It can be thrilling to hunt Fallow in New Zealand during the rut. Usually timid and small in body size, the Fallow buck is very aggressive during the rut when hunters can occasionally witness vicious and even fatal fights between the bucks of this species often accompanied by a guttural croaking noise.

Fallow are frequently hunted in New Zealand and are the second most widespread deer on both Islands. Fallow were introduced in 1864 from Europe with 26 different liberations. Kaweka Ranch has herds which exhibit all three color phases. Black or chocolate brown is the most popular, followed by the spotted menil and the white Fallow.

Our professional guides say the best place to catch a Fallow is on a face that catches the early morning sun.

New Zealand Fallow Hunts

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