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Saltwater Boat Fishing Trips | New Zealand Sport Fishing

From Snapper, Terakihi, Garnard, Kahawai to Kingfish

When it comes to boat fishing in New Zealand – the world is your oyster! The exceptional scene for fishing has certainly been prominent since the country was first discovered. According the the Maori legend of Maui, it is said that New Zealand itself was fished out of the sea!

There’s nothing like mixing up hunting with the opportunity to get out on the sea for some saltwater fishing!  The Westshore Marina is just a 45 minute drive from Kaweka Hunting, allowing hunters to charter a boat for a full day or part-day of New Zealand fishing.

Light tackle sport and bottom fishing is generally excellent year round, providing great action and good eating. Targeted species off the Napier coastline include snapper, terakihi, garnard, kahawai and kingfish. Saltwater fly fishing is available for kahawai and tuna species.

With beautiful fishing spots, world-renowned game fishing, and a local culture of fishing, New Zealand is a prime fishing location. New Zealand is remarkable experience due to the fact that the country is well-known for the size of its fish.

Regardless of if you prefer fly fishing, game fishing, or taking in New Zealand sights, there’s something for everyone. The game fishing in Hawke’s Bay is top of the class! With majority of the world’s records for striped marlin coming from its waters, the country is a prime fishing destination. In addition, kingfish and yellowfin tuna are a sought after option for those looking to challenge themselves!

Fishing for trout is available by boat charter at Lake Taupo as a full day trip or an overnight package. Combing this with sightseeing and/or an evening small game hunt, you will have a great trip!

Stock Photo of Fishing Boats on Lake in New Zealand
Stock Photo of Fishing Boats on New Zealand Lake

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