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The high pitched bugle of a lone trophy Elk splits the cool morning air. Slowly walking upwards with his long stride, he is stopped in his tracks by a movement at a nearby blind. He throws his head back and regards the hunter with a look of disdain. Trophy South Pacific Elk, most commonly referred to as Wapiti are from the bloodlines of the Rocky Mountain Elk and was originally gifted to New Zealand in the early 1900s by Theodore Roosevelt.

Trophy Elk can only be hunted in-game estates in New Zealand, as free-ranging populations have almost all disappeared. Good genetic quality ensures a rewarding elk hunt in New Zealand, with trophy elk scoring up to and over SCI 400. Easily distinguishable from other species because of massive body size, buff-colored rump patch, shaggy neck/chest mane and typical clean 6×6 head the trophy elk is a favorite of many hunters, particularly those from North America who want a guaranteed trophy elk and successful New Zealand hunt.

At Kaweka Hunting, we take pride in our New Zealand Elk heard.  We are situated in the Hawkes Bay region.  Situated in the beautiful landscape that rises to Te Mata Peak and stretches to the Pacific Ocean.  Our location allows for our elk heard to flourish into absolute mountain monsters!  We have a wide range of elk sizes to fit nearly any hunters needs!  Our New Zealand elk heard is on our game preserve which allows for us to breed an exceptional herd.  As a result, the genetic quality in the herd is excellent and one of the best in New Zealand!

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