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Become One with Nature!

Our wilderness hut sits on top of Kaweka Hunting on the boundary with the Kaweka State Forest Park and ranges. Many guests love to escape for a night up here for absolute solitude. Everyone loves to laugh about the tin hut with the flush toilet in the middle of nowhere!

A wilderness experience at Kaweka Hunting is a true escape back to the ‘real’ New Zealand. From hidden pockets of indigenous native forest scattered amongst the gullies, to rugged limestone cliffs pushed up from the earth over thousands of years. Exploring and discovering our stunning property is exciting! A night ‘camping out’ in our wilderness hut is a unique, peaceful experience that visitors treasure from all over. Our visitors often tell us, ‘when I think about New Zealand, this is just how I picture it’.

Hear the sound of red stag roaring or listen for the lonesome call of an endangered kiwi before retiring for the night, in remote country overlooking the distant lights of two cities 3,000 feet below.

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