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Trophy Red Stag and Exotic Hunts

Under a rugged mountain range amid native New Zealand bush and wide-open clearings awaits a hunter’s paradise. Let this New Zealand Outfitter show you the way it once was. Stalk animals in the countryside that offers scenery almost as magnificent as the animals among it.

Kaweka Hunting boasts world-class Red Stag, Sika, Fallow, White Stag, Sambar, Elk and Rusa in a breathtaking setting. Hunters have the flexibility to hunt any combination of species on our spectacular property. Kaweka Hunting is firmly at the forefront of combination deer hunting in the South Pacific. Kaweka Hunting a New Zealand Outfitter is set in the remote country, less than an hour away from the beautiful seaside city of Napier in the heart of Hawke’s Bay Wine Country.

Professional hunting guide Rob Holt knows the countryside and how to get visitors the sort of trophy heads that make jaws drop. Success is guaranteed. Experience world-famous Kiwi hospitality first hand at Kaweka’s welcoming and comfortable country lodge where good food and great company waits at the end of a long day out on the ranch. Visitors can savor an unforgettable New Zealand experience with the impressive range of scenic, leisure, golf, fishing and adventure activities. At Kaweka Hunting we offer more than a great hunting experience!

History of Our Lodge

A Little Insight Into Our Operation

In 2007 Rob Holt had a dream and an opportunity that eventually became known as Kaweka Hunting. Rob grew up on the ranch. He spent several years developing a breeding program with excellent game management on the property before forming Kaweka Hunting. This is the key factor behind Kaweka Hunting being able to offer our hunters premier genetic quality.

Kaweka Hunting is proud to put hunters first and to offer an un-crowded hunting experience. We boast a friendly, relaxed environment both on and off the field. Now that we’ve succeeded in bringing Rob’s dream to life we invite you to come and share it with us.

The Original Lodge, which had been converted from the family homestead, was unfortunately burnt down in October 2010. Overlooking the hunting estate, a new purpose-built lodge was complete in early 2012.

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The Conservation

On our ranch we are proud to have a special QEII designated area for the protection of our most iconic and endangered native bird, the Kiwi.

Kaweka Hunting has protected its native trees and bush. Preserving our hunting habitat and environment for future generations is an issue we dedicate ourselves to at Kaweka Hunting. For or this reason, we have started a tree planting program. Our native trees in New Zealand are magnificent! Some trees such as the Kowhai with its bright yellow flowers and nectar attract native birds such as the Tui.

Other species include the wood pigeon, fantail and ruru. Just 2 miles up the road, we have a spectacular forest that contains hidden secrets of more than 1,000 years. Guests can enjoy the enchantment of this forest with a bushwalk and imagine New Zealand the way it was before the first colonization came through!

Our neighboring ranch boasts the award of ‘Tree Farmer of the year’ and when you look at the panoramic views from our limestone cliffs it’s easy to see why! In addition to our environmental conscience and efforts, native forests look superb so with a bit of extra effort we are confident we can gradually increase the numbers of native bird species on our ranch for our guests enjoyment.

Trophy Hunting in New Zealand

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