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Check out our FAQ on hunting in New Zealand! If you don’t see your question on our FAQ, contact us – we are happy to help!

A. Yes! We are certainly able to offer hunting in several other New Zealand regions. Check our Hunts section for details of regions and Species Types!

A. Remember that New Zealand seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere! Summer in the USA is winter in New Zealand. Clothing should be for cool to cold conditions, which can include rain and snow especially between May and July. Check out our page on what to pack for more information!

A. Excellent quality hunting jackets and pants that are specifically for New Zealand conditions are available for purchase at our lodge.

A. Boots should have a good rubber tread sole or deep cleats, and be broken in and preferably waterproof. All hunting is on foot with 4×4 vehicles for transport. One pair of hunting boots and one pair of casual shoes are sufficient, slippers are a good idea in cooler months!

A. It is important you bring a good set of binoculars for spotting game! You will often glass game from high on limestone ridges. It is certainly not necessary to bring a spotting scope as your guide will carry one.

A. Kaweka Hunting works closely with a travel provider which we prefer in the USA for flights to New Zealand. When you are considering booking a hunt, we are happy to put you in direct contact with our agent! Our agent knows New Zealand almost as well as any Kiwi!


That’s easy! We can help you organize and discuss your options for the remainder of your stay in New Zealand, depending on what you are looking to do.

If you prefer to do it yourself, you can just book a rental car! We’ll give you a list of the best sources of information to plan your itinerary.

A. Clients should ensure that they have current medical and travel insurance including trip cancellation insurance. Kaweka Hunting can certainly assist with travel insurance arrangements through our agent in the USA.

A. We’ll put you in contact with our taxidermist and you can decide the best method to get your trophy home.

A. There is no difficulty in bringing conventional sporting rifles into New Zealand. No one can bring handguns and military style firearms into the country for hunting purposes.
We are happy to provide a firearms License and Import Permit prior to arrival in New Zealand. You can also complete documentation upon arrival if you prefer. Currently the Government charge for the import permit and Firearms license is NZ$25. At your first point of entry into New Zealand (Auckland or Christchurch airports) advise customs that you have a firearm(s) and they will direct you to the Airport Police. Most shots are between 100-300 yards on big game so 7mm Mag and .300 Mags are ideal.


A. We have a range of firearms available for guests to use for a small charge of $50 for your hunt. Above all, we maintain camp rifles well, with good quality optics.

A. For US citizens, a visa is not a requirement; however a current passport is mandatory on entry into New Zealand. Above all, if in doubt, check with your travel agent.

A. It is advisable that you carry a small amount of NZD cash for incidentals and airport departure taxes ($25 at Auckland Airport). You can exchange USD upon arrival at Auckland airport.

A. Most digital cameras, videos and laptop computers can be used in New Zealand with the use of simple adapter provided at the lodge. For other appliances, however, it is recommended you purchase or bring with you a power converter as we work on a 240v system.

A. Our lodge is equipped with a wireless router for guests who wish to use their laptops whilst in camp. In other words – you don’t have to worry about not having a connection!

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