Kaweka Hunting Lodge

The Kiwi

SAve the kiwi

Save the Kiwi

We are working with the QEII Trust to increase the numbers and habitat of our precious flightless bird.

Local Area

Balls Clearing

Balls Clearing

Balls Clearing Scenic Reserve, located a couple of miles from the ranch, is an outstanding example of dense virgin podocarp forest and a good example of how the Puketitiri Valley was prior to the clearing of the forest for farming.

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Conservation At Kaweka Hunting

On our ranch we are proud to have a special QEII designated area for the protection of our most iconic and endangered native bird, the Kiwi.

Kaweka Hunting has protected its native trees and bush

Preserving our hunting habitat and environment for future generations is an issue we are dedicated to at Kaweka Hunting and for this reason we have started a tree planting program.

Our native trees in New Zealand are magnificent! Some trees such as the Kowhai with its bright yellow flowers and nectar attract native birds such as the Tui.

Other species include the wood pigeon, fantail and ruru. Just 2 miles up the road we have a spectacular forest that hides secrets of more than 1,000 years - guests can enjoy the enchantment of this forest with a bushwalk and imagine just how New Zealand used to be before it was first colonized!

Our neighboring ranch was awarded 'Tree Farmer of the year' and when you look at the panoramic views from our limestone cliffs it's easy to see why!

In addition to our environmental conscience and efforts, native forests look superb so with a bit of extra effort we are confident we can gradually increase the numbers of native bird species on our ranch for our guests enjoyment.