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New Zealand Fishing Trips – You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

Being one of the world’s most impressive countries to fish in, New Zealand fishing trips
are something that every angler must have on their bucket list.
While you may be dreaming of getting a taste of New Zealand fishing, you may
be asking yourself – how do I prepare once I make it a reality?
Kaweka Hunting is here with three ways to prepare for all of those New Zealand fishing trips that you’ve been dreaming of.


When you are packing for New Zealand fishing trips, you want to make sure that you bring clothing that are drab, with earthy colors. The water is wonderfully clear, and this makes it so much more fun to fish. The downfall to this? It gives the trout a great view, too. As far as what you wear on your feet, felt-soled wading boots are out of the question! They are banned from coming into New Zealand. This helps prevent unwanted plant spores and small critters from entering the country. Rivers in New Zealand are in general, sizable and not as slippery as you think. You are welcome to bring along your own waders, but the biosecurity staff will do a thorough inspection of them, and potentially disinfect them right then and there. We recommend packing your waders in easy to access luggage!


When it comes to your fishing rod, lines that are colored olive will work better than bright colors. As for the rod itself, weights of 4, 5, and 6 will work well on the streams and rivers.  Several of the guides will take this even further and use dark brown dye on the front 10 or 12 feet of their lines. This is extremely simple, and anyone can do it! Fabric dye, hot water, and just a pinch of salt for about 20 minutes will do the trick. By doing this, the front of your line “disappears” in the water. This is a great approach to remain stealth in trout waters during New Zealand fishing trips.

Understand Angler Etiquette

When you take part in New Zealand fishing trips, there is nothing more frustrating to a local fisherman than an angler who doesn’t understand common courtesy and etiquette when on a river. Considering that a large majority of the New Zealand fishing uses an upstream method, you should never begin fishing in front of another fisherman. This is “jumping” and is inexcusable regardless of if you are seen or not. A general rule of thumb it to give the other angler a minimum of 4-6km of water space before you begin to fish. On the other hand, this is up for interpretation by each individual angler – so chat with them! It is beneficial to come to an agreement on who will be fishing where.

There Is Room For Everyone!

Along with this, it is important for all to understand that the water is meant for everyone. Each angler should have a fair amount of time to fish in it, so it is important that you keep your stays in campsites or backcountry hunts to a length of time that is reasonable. The length of time can vary depending on the area and which waterway you are fishing – so check with a local! If this isn’t possible, you can read up on New Zealand fishing etiquette in the booklet that comes along with your purchase of the proper fishing license.

New Zealand Fishing Outfitter

What You Can Look Forward To

Trout are abundant in this beautiful country and are hard to miss. Spring creeks, back country streams, rivers, and lakes supply great opportunities to catch rainbow and brown trout. Along with this, you can also fish for salmon in several places in the South Island. A mere 45 minutes from the Kaweka Hunting ranch, you will find the Westshore Marina. Here, you can find adventure on a coastal sport fishing trip.

New Zealand Hunting

Trout Fishing, Boat Fishing, and More

Do you still have questions about how to prepare for your trip fishing in New Zealand? Contact Kaweka Hunting for more information. Make sure to check out our fishing page to learn about what kind of trips you can book with us. We offer boat fishing, game fishing, trout fishing, and even helicopter fishing!

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