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What to Pack for your Hunt at Kaweka

Are you planning on booking a hunt at Kaweka Hunting? Not sure what all you will need to bring? This list will help you know what to pack for your hunt at Kaweka. This is just a list of recommendations, there may be items that you will choose to not bring or extra items you will want to bring. That is okay! Just remember to pack efficiently. Overpacking can be expensive and difficult to travel with. Here is what to pack for your hunt at Kaweka:


First, you will need to pack causal and hunting clothing. We have laundry facilities available at the lodge and are more than happy to help with that, so you will not need different clothes for every day. Reference the average temperature, below, when picking out clothing. 

February and March – Summer 40-80°F (5-25°C)
April and May – Autumn 32-65°F (0-20°C)
June and July – Winter 20-60°F (-5-15°C)

The temps above are generally what you can plan for, but New Zealand weather is predictably unpredictable so make sure to check the weather. Also, make sure you pack a swimsuit so you can enjoy the hot tub!


Next, pack toiletries like you would on any other trip. Do not forget your scent elimination products and sunscreen.


If you are planning on bringing in your own firearm(s) you will have to get a permit/visitor’s license, you should do this one month before your flight date. You may obtain the permit/visitors license by going to the following website here and clicking on the visitor’s application.

Weapon & Ammunition

Finally, pack your weapon, ammunition, and accessories. You may choose to bring your own rifle or use one of ours. You can also bring your own ammunition. If you are bow hunting, pack your bow, arrows, broadheads, and release. Also, you need to bring a day pack with face paint and binoculars.

We hope this will help you know what to pack for your hunt at Kaweka! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your trip amazing! We look forward to seeing you.

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