New Zealand Bowhunting

Kaweka Hunting welcomes bow hunters, our experienced guides enjoy the challenge because it keeps their hunting skills sharp. New Zealand Bowhunting is simply awesome at our ranch! The diverse topography offers both blind hunting and spot and stalk hunts.  Pop up blinds are ideal for our guides to strategically place in any area the animals appear to be traveling. Our steep New Zealand bluffs also offer fun archery hunting opportunities for mountain goats and ram! However, fallow and sika will test the skill of even the most accomplished bow hunter.  We encourage hunters to come early in the season as the animals are less skittish and our days are longer!

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The distinctive paddles will often give a Fallow buck away as he watches from a warm valley. Always alert, a Fallow buck will often spot the eager hunter from high on an open ridge.  New Zealand Bowhunting Fallow deer can be an absolutely thrilling hunting experience that we think everyone should experience once in their lifetime!  Fallow bucks turn very aggressive during the rut.  This is when you can witness vicious and even fatal fights between bucks.  Our guides say the best place to catch a Fallow is on a face that catches the early morning sun.

New Zealand Trophy Fallow Hunts


A high pitched squeal echos through the valley as the sika bounds off into his terristory.  He glances back just for a quick moment before disappearing into cover.  Our Sika deer heard is well known in New Zealand for its impressive genetic quality.  We have a possible #2 world record taken in April 2008. With several trophies taken over SCI 140, many seek out our superior heard. Regarded as a handsome deer a sika stag makes a beautiful trophy. Exciting to hunt, sika are particularly vocal when they feel a disturbance.

Kaweka Hunting Trophy Sika Hunts
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