Kaweka Hunting Lodge


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  • Red Stag Mid February - August
  • Elk Mid March - Mid April
  • Sika Mid March - August
  • Fallow Late February - August
  • Sambar Mid May - August
  • Rusa Gold medal hunters from May
  • Tahr From May - August
  • Chamois From May - August

Cancellation Policy


As a rule, deposits paid to Kaweka Hunting Ltd are non-refundable, therefore Kaweka Hunting advises all hunters to purchase travel/hunt insurance. Exceptions to this rule are occasionally made but only in the case of exceptional circumstances where appropriate supporting documentation is supplied to
Kaweka Hunting who will make a decision based on a case-by-case basis.


Deposits paid to Kaweka Hunting will retain their value 100% for a length of 3 years from date of payment. After 3 years, the deposit loses 25% value per year.


Kaweka Hunting Ltd must be notified directly of any cancellation by November 1 on the year before the contracted hunt date. Hunt dates can be freely altered without penalty until November 1. After November 1, the cancellation will be regarded as 'short notice'.


The hunter may incur a penalty of 25% of the contract value if the hunt dates cannot be 're booked' by new contracts. The hunter is welcome to send another hunter in place of oneself if cancellation is the only other option but the hunt cannot be publicly sold or advertised (ie, E-bay, classified ad).

The remaining deposit will be transferrable to a hunt the following year, with the applicable pricing for that year to be in effect - any increases for the rescheduled year will be payable by the hunter.
The re-scheduled date is at the discretion of the hunter.


Hunters who have cancelled with short notice may elect to be allocated dates for the rescheduled hunt for a 10% reduction in penalty from 25% to 15%. Date allocations for rescheduling will be made available between November 1 and November 10 each year on a 'first come first served' basis.


If a hunter needs to alter a hunt date to another date within the same season, this can be done without any financial penalty provided the alternate date is available.

photos & Videos

All photos and videos of hunts and trophies, taken by Kaweka Hunting, remain the property of Kaweka Hunting and may be used in advertising or promotional material unless the client requests otherwise prior to hunt.

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Packages AT Kaweka Hunting

2017-2018 pricelist valid for booking before October 31st 2017. All prices are in USD unless stated otherwise. In addition to the packages below, we are happy to tailor hunts to meet your specific requirements.

All Inclusive Packages

Red Stag Packages - Four nights

Package deals include: Trophy fees, hunter day rates, accommodation, meals, beverages, 1x1 guiding and airport transfers.

  • Red Stag up to SCI 340 $5,000
  • Red Stag SCI 340 - 360 $6,500
  • Red Stag SCI 360 - 380 $8,500
  • Red Stag SCI 380 - 400 $10,500
  • Red Stag SCI 400 - 430 $12,500
  • Red Stag SCI 430+ POA

South Island packages

Tahr & Chamois Special

  • Tahr and Chamois 3 nights (1 hr helicoptor included) $10,500

Hunt Packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs

    - Please feel free to enquire

Trophy Fees for 'add-ons'

to Inclusive Hunt Packages

  • Red Stag up to SCI 340 $3,000
  • Red Stag SCI 340 - 360 $4,500
  • Red Stag SCI 360 - 380 $6,500
  • Red Stag SCI 380 - 400 $8,500
  • Red Stag SCI 400 - 430 $10,500
  • Red Stag 430+ POA
  • Sika $4,000
  • Sika Best Available $6,000
  • Fallow Buck $3,000
  • Fallow Buck - Best Available $4,000
  • Sambar $10,500
  • Rusa $7,500
  • Elk - Starting Price $6,500
  • Boar- Starting Price $1,500
  • Ram$1000
  • Goat $1000
  • Ram/Goat Together $1,700
  • Tahr $5,000
  • Chamois $4,000
  • White Tail - Starting Price $4,500

Day Rates

  • Per Hunter - extra days $500 per day
  • Per Hunter - 2 x 1 $400 per day
  • Non-Hunter day rate $250 per day
  • Non-Hunter flights market rates

Additional Activities

  • Free-range huntingPOA
  • Fishing $600 per day
  • Duckshooting (May & June only) $350 per day
  • Small Game (incl Turkey Hunting) $250 per day
  • Touring $250 - $400 per day

CONTACT US TODAY to find out about our Show Specials and other Package Deals including tailored hunts. All contact details listed below.