Peering out across the snow capped alps from a cave high on the sheer cliff face stands the mighty bull tahr, contemplating a line of descent most humans would deem impossible he dances down the face, fleet footed agility defying the law of gravity. He begins to slide on the ice, so throws his head back digging his horns in like an ice pick to stop the momentum. Quickly regaining composure he flips back onto his feet to continue his daring descent.

The Himalayan Bull Tahr (tahr) is widely respected as the King of the Mountains, and is a highly sought over trophy of the South Pacific. Introduced to New Zealand in 1904 this is a magnificent species both in terms of agility, physical ability and appearance.

As a trophy, its prized attributes include both horns and cape – in full winter regalia from May the bull Tahr (Thar) has straw coloured Elizabethan Ruff (mane) and a thick, long, dark winter coat worthy of a life size mount. The Tahr bull has powerful shoulders for climbing, the thickest hide of any animal in New Zealand and a soft pad on the hoof allows it to conquer even steepest Alpine Peaks, some too rugged to climb by foot.

Hunting for bull Tahr in New Zealand is a challenging experience and takes place on the steep terrain of the Southern Alps. Our Tahr hunting is based throughout the spectacular South Island where guests can enjoy the stunning and varied scenery alongside this true hunting adventure.

Foot hunts based out of spike camps are available for fit and sure footed hunters keen to spend up to 4 nights in the alpine hunting terrain of the lower South Island

Tahr Hunts in New Zealand

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