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Spring Newsletter – 2014 Season


Hi, everybody! Well it has been an extremely wet winter to say the least! However, moving forward in the 2014 season, the experts are predicting dryer than normal conditions for the summer and autumn, which bodes well for the upcoming hunting season. Because of the wet season there is a bit of damage to tracks! No need to worry as these will be repaired well in advance of the upcoming season.

As you can see from the photo of some of the casts picked up out of the park recently, there are going some very good stags available next season. We are expecting several to be 500 plus, and hopefully maybe one or two even in the magical 600 class! But don’t worry, there is also an abundance of quality stags in the 320 to 400 and 400 to 500 classes! We are hoping to post some photos on the website as they are growing out before the season commences, so watch this space! Also, we have observed some huge Fallow, Rusa, Sambar and Sika on the park, as well as Awapara rams and Spanish goats.

Rob and Pat have been busy constructing several new blinds. These are primarily for bow hunters if they choose to hunt in this fashion! But, this method will also be available for rifle hunters if desired. They will be strategically placed in areas of high animal numbers. The main Kiwi way of spot and stalk will still be the preferred option for many clients. However, we’re aware that some of you are very comfortable with blind hunting and may in fact prefer that method.

We have been fortunate to acquire the services of another very experienced guide! Joe Sheridan will be here for this next future season. Joe`s wife Lisa is also working for us. She will be managing the lodge. Joe is currently guiding in the US and has been a guide for quite a number of years now. With both Pat and Joe on the team, we feel we are offering some of the most experienced guides available in New Zealand.

Well that’s about it for now. Rob and Pat will be at the SCI convention in Las Vegas at booth 246! So, make sure you stop by if you are attending or watch for us at other shows around the U.S.A. Also, feel free to contact us via our contact details at the bottom of this page or Facebook and we’ll fill you in on the latest!

From the team at Kaweka Hunting

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