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What is Heli Fishing at Kaweka Hunting?

Fish the impossible when you go heli fishing! If you are interested in trying out this amazing experience and find yourself wondering what it entails, read on! Here at Kaweka Hunting, we offer different fishing adventures, one of them being heli fishing. We offer guides on all of our fishing adventures. They can even camp with you, as long as it is arranged beforehand. So, let’s get to breaking down – what is it?

What is Heli Fishing?

Heli fishing is when you fly by helicopter to fish in a remote location. You can target many different species this way! This gives you access to prime fishing locations that are in remote areas. Also, this type of fishing is a great way to get less agile fishermen out there. Most desired locations involve a large amount of traveling that can be too demanding for some.

New Zealand Helio Fishing
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How does it work?

Your fishing adventure at Kaweka hunting will start by meeting your guide at a designated meeting location. When you book your trip, you will decide if you would like to fish for the day or stay overnight. If you want to stay overnight, please make sure you state that when booking. We need to arrange a guide that can camp with you ahead of time. Once you have met up with your guide, you will load up, along with your gear into a private helicopter. Next, you will lift off and take in the beauty of New Zealand as you fly to the fishing destination. Once you arrive at the fishing location, the helicopter will land. This is where the real fun will start!

Now that your know what heli fishing is, you’re ready to give it a try! Contact us and get your New Zealand heli fishing adventure booked today. You won’t regret it!

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