Turkey Hunting in New Zealand
Wild turkey hunting in New Zealand

New Zealand Turkey Hunts

If you want to experience something incredibly fun, you need to experience New Zealand turkey hunting!
New Zealand Turkeys

Unlike in the States, wild turkeys are not classified as a game bird for a license. There are no turkey hunting seasons so they can be hunted all year round. That’s 365 days of incredible New Zealand turkey hunting in some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. Merriam turkeys are spread out all over New Zealand. There are plenty of them right here on Kaweka’s property. Many of the locals don’t participate in New Zealand turkey hunting.  That equates to very little pressure on them. Combine that and the fact that the only real enemy of the wild turkey is a small possum and with fewer and fewer possums, the turkey population numbers are high here in New Zealand. This makes for some great turkey hunting success rates here at Kaweka Hunting.

Small Game Hunts

If you want some shooting fun after you’ve harvested your big game trophies, be sure to add on a small game hunt and go adventuring with your guide. You may be coming to kill a trophy Red Stag, Sika, Rusa, Fallow, Elk or Sambar, and not intending to shoot anything else. You may kill your trophy animal early in your hunt and it would certainly be fun to fill that time with a small animal hunt. Turkey hunting offers a Spot and stalk is a common turkey hunting method in New Zealand and certainly keeps things interesting! We have a number of wild turkeys that are free-range here on Kaweka Hunting land. The turkey hunting rates are very affordable and provide the perfect add on hunt.

Turkey hunting at Kaweka Hunting New Zealand is an adventure. If you’ve always wanted to cut loose and shoot like a redneck this is your big chance!

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