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New Zealand Red Stag Hunting

Are you looking for New Zealand Red Stag Hunting? Look no further than Kaweka Hunting! Imagine a private hunting area abundant with exceptional trophy herds in six deer species and scenery so magnificent you can see the Pacific Ocean to the East and the mighty Kaweka Ranges to the West. This is our reality at Kaweka Hunting and we invite you to experience it with us.

New Zealand Red Stag hunting is a soulful experience every hunter should enjoy at least once in a lifetime. The regal ‘air’ of the majestic red stag is such that once out in the field it is easy for the hunter to imagine why red stag hunting was once regarded as the ‘Sport of Kings’ Red Stag hunting can be a very challenging hunt, particularly at Kaweka Hunting with our mix of open and bush covered ideal for Red Stag hunting. Hunters will find the world’s greatest red stag heard in New Zealand. The Red Stag is the most sought after trophy in New Zealand.

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Red Stag Hunts in New Zealand

Normally quite weary, the majestic red stag roars before casually wandering into the open to feed confidently. His harem of hinds will be his eyes and ear and alert of potential danger. A satellite stag roars a challenge… posturing and daring the regal red. Introduced into New Zealand in 1851 from top Scottish and English herds, red stag thrives in our country due to the mild climate and lack of predators. If you are considering New Zealand red stag hunting, there is a saying you may hear. It is spoken by our guides and other Kiwi hunters passed on from our fathers and grandfathers. You haven’t hunted New Zealand until you have taken a Red Stag! We hope to hear from you soon to plan your New Zealand Red Stag hunt!

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