Dan Meredith

Dan Meredith is our chef extraordinaire. With years of experience and a passion for good food you will be treated to mouth-watering meals during your stay. Any meal that he creates is a meal that you don’t want to miss! It will disappear as quickly as it’s put on your plate, and you will be wanting more as soon as it’s gone.

Dan’s ultimate passion is cooking and he invites you to join him in our beautiful new lodge kitchen. This is where he will showcase the best of New Zealand wild game and all that cuisine has to offer.

You can be assured of a full and satisfied ‘belly’ and we could just about guarantee you will carry out a few extra kilos…for free, by the time you leave.

Dan has extensive experience in culinary arts from all ends of the scale.  He has also owned his own café and enjoys teaching others new and exciting dishes and shares his amazing skills with our clients.

Outside of the kitchen Chef Dan Meredith enjoys most things to do with motorsports, but please.… do not dangle any mice or spiders in front of him. (Oops Dan, that slipped).

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