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"Sambar posses a cunning nature ensuring a good challenge for the serious trophy hunter."

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Trophy Sambar

Hunting is exclusively available to our guests from mid-May through August.

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The silent giant ventures into a small clearing to feed, his senses momentarily ignorant of the inherent danger. Alerted by the sound of a leather boot squeaking as the hunter shifts position, the cunning Sambar drops quickly out of sight and crawls sneakily on its knees back into the safety of the bush.


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Sambar are known to possess the ability to live close to humans without being detected. The Sambar posses a cunning nature ensuring a good challenge for the serious trophy hunter.

A mature Sambar trophy stag can weigh around 700 lbs, with the dense antler on this species making it a highly sought after South Pacific trophy.

Introduced from Ceylon, India in 1875, this species will only do well in warmer climates. Sambar hunting is limited to the North Island and only a few professional guides in New Zealand have access to hunt this magnificent trophy.

The Mediterranean climate of our sunny Hawkes Bay region has allowed Kaweka Hunting to develop exceptional trophy quality in our very own herd of this secretive species.


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