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" try to catch one of Our pure white red stags"

Season Info

White Red Stag Head at Kaweka Hunting

The White Red stag hunting season runs from mid February until August for all hunters including rifle, bow and muzzle loader. The action packed White Red Stag roar runs from mid-March until mid-April.

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White red stag are a specialty breed of red deer, extremely rare internationally and Kaweka Hunting may well be the only outfitter to offer this species as a trophy.

Red Stag - Kaweka Hunting

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White red stag are not an albino deer and have a flighty character with heads similar to but smaller than the red stag. Because this is a new breed, not much is known about this species.

Hunters should be aware that our 'imaginative' expert guides are likely to tell you a 'Ripper of a yarn' (NZ English for 'fake story'!) if you ask about the White Stag, and they can even do so with a straight face.

A boutique breed, we take only 4 White Stag per season, and can guarantee two things:

Your trophy of course

No two stories about this deer will be the same.


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