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The following photos show animals clients took in the 2013 season at the Kaweka Hunting Park and also some (tahr & chamois) from the South Island of New Zealand.


2013 Stag & Game continued

  • Alain Smith with Sika Stag
  • Al Lowe with Sika Stag
  • Brett Kenner with Sika Stag
  • Justin Ready with Sika Stag
  • Niki Ready with Sika Stag
  • Roger Puccinelli with Sika Stag
  • Ryan Puccinelli with Sika Stag
  • Bob Bogart with Fallow Stag
  • Brett Kenner with Fallow Stag
  • Brett Kenner with 2nd Fallow Stag
  • Bryan Gross with Fallow Stag
  • Lori Ontko with her Fallow Stag
  • Kathy Brumley with Fallow Stag
  • Larry Irwin with Fallow Stag
  • Mike Parsons with Fallow Stag
  • Niki Ready with Fallow Stag
  • Roger Puccinelli with Fallow Stag
  • Ted Church and Chad Coffelt with Fallow Stag
  • Thomas Boylan with Fallow Stag
  • Tom Sellin with Fallow Stag
  • Matt Smith with Fallow (Meat)
  • Mac McCreary with Representative Fallow Stag
  • Kerry Lowe with White Stag
  • Lynn Fredrickson with White Stag
  • Mandy Peach-Moon with White Stag
  • Alea Beedle
  • Bob Bogart with Arapawa Ram
  • Karen Sellin with Arapawa Ram
  • Kathy Brumley with Arapawa Ram
  • Lauren James with Arapawa Ram
  • Laura Pikop with Arapawa Ram
  • Lynn Fredrickson with Arapawa Ram
  • Mandy Peach-Moon with Arapawa Ram
  • Roger Puccinelli with Arapawa Ram
  • Steve Ontko with Arapawa Ram
  • Travis Beedle with Arapawa Ram
  • Brett Kenner with Wild Boar
  • Roger Puccinelli with Wild Boar
  • Ryan Puccinelli with Wild Boar
  • Thomas Boylan with Chamois in the Sth Island
  • Thomas Boylan with Tahr in Sth Island
  • Roger Puccinelli with Turkeys
  • Bob Bogart with Goat
  • Lynn Fredrickson with Goat
  • Roger Puccinelli with Goat
  • Ted Church with Goat
  • Tom Sellin with Goat
  • Karen Sellin with Goat
  • Lee Brumley with Goat

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